Basic Sailing Equivalency

Already know how to sail and want to join TASCA?
TASCA Members enjoy sailing American 14s on Meadow Lake, daysailing on our 22’ and 28’ sloops on Long Island Sound, racing events, bareboat cruises in Tampa Bay and Chesapeake Bay and elsewhere, and the opportunity to share their love of sailing with others. All TASCA members are volunteers who are committed to promoting the friendly sport of sailing.
The Basic Sailing Equivalency Course allows experienced sailors who have previously completed a sailing course to take an alternate path to TASCA membership, without taking TASCA’s Basic Sailing Course. The fee is $300.
Eligible students must:
1)  1) Submit a TASCA Basic Sailing Application Form with payment of $300 and proof of prior sailing course
2)  2) Attend an Orientation Session
3)  3) Schedule and successfully complete the following tests:
-          Knots: Figure 8, Cleat, Double half-hitch, bowline, square knot, sheet bend, clove hitch, rolling hitch
-          Boat Rigging test
-          Sailing theory take-home written test
-          On-the-water sailing proficiency test
-          Swim test  (or submit proof of swimming proficiency)
If you change your mind or think that you might have difficulty with the tests you may enroll in TASCA’s Basic Sailing Course for no additional fee.
If you meet all requirements, pass the tests and complete the Basic Sailing Equivalency Course, you may submit a TASCA Membership Application with payment of the current fee of $55.
To register for the Basic Sailing Equivalency Course, please complete the application HERE, and make the $300 payment to TASCA, by PayPal or check.